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Get those right TAGS in place!

HOW to properly TAG your YouTube videos!

Always TAG!

YouTube tags (also known as “video tags”) are words and phrases used to give YouTube CONTEXT about a video. Tags are an important ranking factor in YouTube’s search ALGORITHM.

Set up for SUCCESS!

When you first launch a video it is more important than EVER to use the correct tags on your videos as YouTube has no idea what your channel is about as initially when you start out you don't yet have the views, Tags are the ONLY way to reiterate what your channel is about and let YouTube know who your audience is.

4 BEST practices for TAGS! 
  1. FIRST tag = FIRST keyword! When it comes to video SEO, YouTube pays special close attention to your first few tags, ESPECIALLY your very first tag! So make sure that your first tag is the exact, word-for-word keyword that you want to rank for

  2. Use a mix of BROAD and FOCUSED tags! Focused tags help YouTube figure out your video’s specific topic whereas broad tags help give YouTube important context about your video

  3. Don’t go OVERBOARD with tags! Stuffing videos with dozens of tags is a mistake that lots of new YouTubers make. As it turns out, this can do more harm than good. If you hand YouTube 20+ tags, they’re going to have a hard time knowing what your video is actually about. If you’re confused, YouTube is confused! So if you overload your video with tags, you’re only going to hurt your rankings. Instead, stick to 5-8 tags that accurately describe your video’s topic

  4. Use tags that are 2-3 WORDS! The best tag length for SEO is 2-3 words

4 ADVANCED strategies for TAGS!
  1. READ your tags! Have a read of your tags without looking at your video title and description. Would you get an idea of what your video is about just from the tags?

  2. Add LONG TAIL keywords! Use 1-2 long tail variations of your target keywords as tags. For example, type that keyword into YouTube and see what they suggest. These suggestions are the perfect long tail variations

  3. Use ACCURATE tags! Misleading tags can lead to your video being taken down so don’t take that risk

  4. COPY from the best! Have a look & copy at tags on other popular videos. They will also help you rank as a suggested video

YES it matters!

Like any piece of metadata, your tags are the opportunity to show YouTube (& Google!) what your video is ABOUT in terms of category & topic so always tag it & tag it well!


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