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Keyword optimization and Thumbnails are needed to make people find your video and click on them. Therefore, you need to do it right if you are to succeed on this end.First, you need to know the importance of Thumbnails (we will talk about keywords for titles and tags in a later post and in depth on the course) to appreciate how they are useful in your YouTube channel as far as finding your videos and getting people to click is concerned.... READ MORE

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5 steps to INSTANTLY get VIEWS on YouTube!

These 5 steps are crucial for fast growth on YouTube. If you follow these and make sure you hit all these points, your growth is guaranteed to be fast and you will be optimizing your videos potential... READ MORE

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The YouTube TITLE formula PROVEN to get clicks

Titles are more important than ever now to get views and clicks. As we become more aware of click bait thumbnails and over promise of a great image, viewers behaviour has shown to read the title more than ever. But, there is a proven formulae to get more clicks and beat your competition... READ MORE

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The PERFECT Youtube video DESCRIPTION to OPTIMIZE your channel!

Seems obvious but YouTube video DESCRIPTIONS work as a way to preview about WHAT your video is about & help VIEWERS decide whether they want to watch it or not. But most IMPORTANTLY... READ MORE

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YouTube CARDS to improve your channel PERFORMANCE!

YouTube Cards are the POP-UP panels you see when watching a video. These panels are a way to link to more of your videos. The best YouTube cards example is the ... READ MORE

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HOW to properly TAG your YouTube videos!

YouTube tags (also known as “video tags”) are words and phrases used to give YouTube CONTEXT about a video. Tags are an important ranking factor in YouTube’s search ALGORITHM.


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