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VIEWS on YouTube!

These 5 Steps Will Ensure YouTube Success and Fast Growth

STEP 1 Create a killer THUMBNAIL!

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The importance of the THUMBNAIL for YouTube success!

THINK big, think thumbnail!


When you create a video, the chances are that you are only thinking about the content & how great it needs to be to get the views. 

Well, here’s a newsflash for you, think again! THINK THUMBNAIL!

Think of it like this, you have literally a second to grab that potential viewer to CLICK on your video, after that second is gone you have lost that viewer. Now it puts into perspective how important a thumbnail is!



Your YouTube Thumbnail is the first impression of your video. It needs to be engaging and captivating & have people wanting to know more about your video and most importantly, click! 

Use the Thumbnail to ENTICE them, tell them what the video is all about without giving it all away, do it in a way that will arouse CURIOSITY making them want to delve deeper to learn more or get more information.

Since many videos are competing for their attention, you want to be noticed IMMEDIATELY. Therefore, you have to use a few tricks to make it garner views.

Grab ATTENTION with these TOP 10 tips!


  1. Maintain your BRAND consistency

  2. Show CLOSE UP images

  3. Show an expressive FACE

  4. Use the right colors, BOGY (Blue, Orange, Green & Yellow)

  5. Perfect the thumbnail TEXT with keywords

  6. Choose a READABLE font

  7. Show the END result

  8. Avoid MISLEADING content

  9. Create ENTRIGUE but don’t give it all away

  10. If it doesn't get the views CHANGE it!

​CAPTIVATING thumbnail examples!



  • Mr Beast once said “If someone spends an hour thinking about a thumbnail, I want to take a day”

  • His thumbnails are punchy and shocking

  • OTT facial expressions

  • Use of number


  • Ryan Trahan nails his thumbnails using BOGY

  • His thumbnails have a consistent theme

  • Minimum text

  • Enticing facial expressions


  • I use minimum text on my thumbnails

  • My text is always a KEYWORD

  • Consistency in color

  • Shocking facial expressions

Screenshot 2022-01-15 at 16.15.53.png
Screenshot 2022-01-15 at 16.15.36.png
Screenshot 2022-01-15 at 16.16.10.png
Put EXTRA thought into it!


With the number of videos promoting similar content increasing, you need to stand out if you are to grab attention and have people finding and CLICKING on your video.


Treating thumbnails as your BILLBOARD can help you achieve this. If it is done properly, it will appeal to visitors and out of many will be THEIR choice.

Always take a moment to LOOK at your thumbnail and think if this was amongst 100 other thumbnails, would I click this one? If the answer is NO, then get back to reworking it!


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STEP 2  Hook those viewers with your TITLE!

The YouTube TITLE formula PROVEN to get clicks & views!

Level UP your YouTube titles!


When you upload YOUTUBE VIDEOS you are competing with a lot of videos. In such a competitive space you’ll need to find a way to make your video stand out. TITLES are 1 of the most IMPORTANT aspects to winning on Youtube!

HOW to title your YouTube videos!


To know HOW to title YouTube videos, you need to understand some BASICS of search. YouTube, like Google, is a search engine that uses an ALGORITHM to determine which videos to show users when they enter SEARCH terms.

YouTube Search PRIORITIZES 3 main elements: 

Relevance | Engagement | Quality

There’s plenty to say about doing well in each of these areas, but I’ll focus on the element that your video title can impact: RELEVANCE.

Show YouTube’s algorithm that your video fits your TARGET audience’s needs by including KEYWORDS they’re searching for in the title.

The PERFECT formula!
  1. Place your 1-2 most RELEVANT keywords close to the FRONT of the title 

  2. Use POWER words


  4. Make your title LESS than 70 characters

  5. CAPITALIZE the first letter of each word

  6. Put at least one word in UPPERCASE

AMAZING Youtube title examples!
Screenshot 2022-01-15 at 16.27.54.png
Screenshot 2022-01-15 at 16.28.01.png
Screenshot 2022-01-15 at 16.28.09.png
Screenshot 2022-01-15 at 16.28.18.png
  • Mark Wiens places his keyword, “Sandwiches” close to the front of his title & in caps

  • His power word in the title is “Mega”

  • Mark’s title is only 57 characters long



  • Casey Neistat places his keywords, “Wave Pool” & “$100” close to the front of his title

  • He uses numbers with “$100”

  • The word “SECOND” is in caps

  • Mark’s title is only 35 characters long



  • Mr Beast places his keyword “quit” close to the front of his title

  • He uses numbers with “$100,000”

  • He capitalizes the word “YOU” which also makes it personable

  • Mr Beast’s title is only 30 characters long



  • My keywords at the start of my title & “FOOD” both of which are capitalized along with “WORLD”

  • The power word i used is “BEST”

  • My title length is only 42 characters long

Imitate & INNOVATE!

Most importantly, learn from the greats! There are so many incredible and CREATIVE YouTubers out there, so start paying attention to HOW they write their titles, imitate & innovate. You will be soon nailing it too!

STEP 3  Have a strong video DESCRIPTION!

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The PERFECT Youtube video DESCRIPTION to OPTIMIZE your channel!

WHY YouTube descriptions are so important!


Seems obvious but YouTube video DESCRIPTIONS work as a way to preview about WHAT your video is about & help VIEWERS decide whether they want to watch it or not. But most IMPORTANTLY, done right they help rank in YouTube’s “suggested search” function, boost SEO, subscriptions, view counts & watch time! Remember the GOAL, you want to hit YouTube’s ALGORITHM & get YouTube to share/show your videos!

Follow these 8 tips to get your CREATIVITY flowing!
  1. KEYWORDS! Same as for your titles, use keywords. Keywords must appear on the description to help your video reach more VIEWERS

  2. REPETITION! Repeat the keywords: repetition lets YouTube know a particular term is relevant to your video/channel. So use your keywords between 2-3 times so your content can RANK higher

  3. CLICK HERE! Add LINKS, this will improve your SEO

  4. HASHTAGS! Add hashtags but not too many. Stick to less than 10 hashtags and make sure that they are RELEVANT to your video

  5. FRONTLOADING is key! The first line of your video description is what appears under your video in search results so make sure the FIRST few lines get straight to the point if you want viewers to CLICK

  6. CREDIT where credit is due! Give credit when you need to such as resources, gear or music links

  7. TIMESTRAPS! If your video is LONG, include timestraps as this will help the viewer to go directly to the part of your video they are most interested in, this also applies to structured videos such as tutorials

  8. CTA! Include CALL TO ACTION such as “Subscribe now” or “Follow me on…

Great Video DESCRIPTION examples!
Screenshot 2022-01-15 at 16.41.26.png
  • Yes Theory’s video description is relevant to the video content & title

  • KEYWORDS used in repetition in both title and video description “Finally” & “Will Smith”

  • First line gets STRAIGHT to the point of the video & the viewer knows exactly what to expect from the video; “We finally met the man, the myth, the legend… Will Smith”

Screenshot 2022-01-15 at 16.41.18.png
  • Patricia Bright’s video description is relevant to her title.

  • Her KEYWORDS used in repetition of both her title & video description are “Luxury” & “Broke”

  • The first line of the description tells the viewer EXACTLY what to expect from the video, “Today we are talking about how you could afford a little luxury without going broke in the process”

Screenshot 2022-01-15 at 16.41.09.png
  • My video description is relevant to the content & title

  • KEYWORDS I have used in both title and description are “street food” & “dessert”

  • The first line of my video description is straight to the point, “sweet dessert food in Thailand is amazing”, the viewer knows exactly what to expect from the video



And remember, your video description should also be FUN & demonstrate your brand’s PERSONALITY or unique voice to the viewers. Unlike more traditional forms of advertising, this is the PERFECT opportunity for you to install CREATIVITY & some humor into your content!

Most IMPORTANTLY, be CLEAR about the content of your video: Go to the POINT & let your viewer know EXACTLY what they can actually expect from your video.

STEP 4  Get those right TAGS in place!

HOW to properly TAG your YouTube videos!

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Always TAG!

YouTube tags (also known as “video tags”) are words and phrases used to give YouTube CONTECT about a video. Tags are an important ranking factor in YouTube’s search ALGORITHM.

Set up for SUCCESS!

When you first launch a video it is more important than EVER to use the correct tags on your videos as YouTube has no idea what your channel is about as initially when you start out you don't yet have the views, Tags are the ONLY way to reiterate what your channel is about and let YouTube know who your audience is.

4 BEST practices for TAGS! 
  1. FIRST tag = FIRST keyword! When it comes to video SEO, YouTube pays special close attention to your first few tags, ESPECIALLY your very first tag! So make sure that your first tag is the exact, word-for-word keyword that you want to rank for

  2. Use a mix of BROAD and FOCUSED tags! Focused tags help YouTube figure out your video’s specific topic whereas broad tags help give YouTube important context about your video

  3. Don’t go OVERBOARD with tags! Stuffing videos with dozens of tags is a mistake that lots of new YouTubers make. As it turns out, this can do more harm than good. If you hand YouTube 20+ tags, they’re going to have a hard time knowing what your video is actually about. If you’re confused, YouTube is confused! So if you overload your video with tags, you’re only going to hurt your rankings. Instead, stick to 5-8 tags that accurately describe your video’s topic

  4. Use tags that are 2-3 WORDS! The best tag length for SEO is 2-3 words

4 ADVANCED strategies for TAGS!
  1. READ your tags! Have a read of your tags without looking at your video title and description. Would you get an idea of what your video is about just from the tags?

  2. Add LONG TAIL keywords! Use 1-2 long tail variations of your target keywords as tags. For example, type that keyword into YouTube and see what they suggest. These suggestions are the perfect long tail variations

  3. Use ACCURATE tags! Misleading tags can lead to your video being taken down so don’t take that risk

  4. COPY from the best! Have a look & copy at tags on other popular videos. They will also help you rank as a suggested video

YES it matters!

Like any piece of metadata, your tags are the opportunity to show YouTube (& Google!) what your video is ABOUT in terms of category & topic so always tag it & tag it well!

STEP 5 Boost traffic with video CARDS!

YouTube CARDS to improve your channel PERFORMANCE!

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More VIEWS with cards!

YouTube Cards are the POP-UP panels you see when watching a video. These panels are a way to link to more of your videos. The best YouTube cards example is the cards that you see at the end of a video that encourage you to click or watch another piece of your CONTENT. YouTube Cards are great tools to promote your other content to boost traffic as a MONETIZATION strategy.

WHY would you not add cards when you can… 
  1. DRIVE viewers deeper into your channel!

  2. Expose your older EVERGREEN videos!

  3. BOOST audience retention!

  4. Increase subscribers & VIEWS!

MORE than just 1 type of card!


  1. CHANNEL CARDS! Allow you to link directly to a YouTube Channel. This is great for promoting your own channel

  2. VIDEO/PLAYLIST CARDS! Allows you to link to another one of your video or playlist with similar content that your viewer would find interesting based on the video they just watched or content you mentioned within the video. 

  3. POLL CARDS! Allows your audience to vote in a poll you create. YouTube poll cards are perfect for asking for feedback from your audience and getting them to interact with your videos.

  4. DONATION CARDS! Allow you to ask for and collect donations to a nonprofit of your choice. Although, if you want to link to a crowdfunding site, you will need to use a link card as mentioned below.

  5. LINK CARDS! There are 3 different subcategories of cards and allow you to link directly to your own website with associated website cards, crowdfunding websites with crowdfunding cards, and your own merchandise with merchandise cards.

STICK with it!

YouTube Cards can help jump start your MARKETING efforts and start sending your viewers in the right direction to make you MONEY! The drive is to grow your channel & earning so this is just another piece of that pie to help you get on your way!


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