No need to pay for an expensive agency to do this for you. I did it by myself and had my visa back in just 4 days and certificate of entry instantly after that so I could enter Thailand. Here's how: 

There are two things you need to enter Thailand now for tourism, a visa and a certificate of entry (COE).

For UK & Irish passport holders, you can go to Thailand for 45 days on a visa exception (you will do 15 days quarantine and the 30 days as a tourist). You will then just need a COE (just go to part 2, steps 8+).

If you want to get a longer tourist visa, follow below from step 1. 

To get the COE there are several things you need like insurance, flights booked, hotel booked, quarantine booked etc. I'll explain step by step below.



1) Please visit  

2) Sign up for individual  

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Screenshot 2021-06-22 at 11.33.50.png

Click create an account in the top right 

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Create an account using all the same information as it appears on your passport. 

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Activate your account by clicking on the link sent to your email address. 

3) Complete the visa application, submit and make a payment online

4) Do not come to the embassy, even though the visa system tells you so

5) Instead, send your passport together with a payment confirmation page, as well as a prepaid self-addressed envelop (preferably Special Delivery in a grey plastic envelop) to us by post, so we can send your passport back to you.



Please note if you are applying for the STV visa, please choose  “Purpose of Visit - Tourism - Duration of Stay No Longer than 90 Days - STV”


6) Please purchase stamps instead of printed postage stickers. This can be one Special Delivery Stamp, or GBP6.85 worth of stamps. Our local post office do not accept postage sticker that have been dated.


The Visa Section

The Royal Thai Embassy London

29-30 Queen's Gate





All in-person consular services are temporarily suspended until further notice. Visa services will continue to be provided only by post.



7) Providing you meet all the eligibility criteria, and have all the required documents, the current visa processing time is approximately 5-10 working days, from the date your passport is received at the embassy.


Please check online for your visa status. "Ready for Collection" means your visa has been issued, and your passport will be posted back to you via the prepaid self-addressed envelop you provided.


PART 2: GETTING YOUR COE (Certificate of Entry)

8) Once the visa has been approved (or if you have an existing valid visa, or if you wish to go on a visa exemption), you may proceed to apply for a Certificate of Entry (COE). All passengers travelling to Thailand need a COE issued by the Royal Thai Embassy to enter the country. Each passenger has to register and apply individually.


Please note for visa exemption, please choose "medium term stay" and then "visa exemption" on the COE application.


All passengers need a COE to enter Thailand.


Screenshot 2021-06-22 at 11.48.12.png

Click for non Thai Nationals

Screenshot 2021-06-22 at 11.48.48.png

The page has a really good explainer video about the steps needed to get your COE. Watch this before you proceed. 

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Proceed through the steps needed, uploading your flight information, ASQ, post ASQ accommodation, insurance and suchlike. Take your time here to book everything you realise you need and get it right. Once completed, I received my COE within 2 hours to print at home. 

9) Also, prior to your departure, it is necessary for all non-Thai passengers to have the following documents ready to be presented to the immigration upon your arrival. Failure to do so can result in the denial of entering into the Kingdom of Thailand.


  1. The Certificate of Entry issued by the Royal Thai Embassy (apply via the link above)

  2. Declaration form

  3. Medical certificate with a laboratory result indicating that COVID-19 is not detected (COVID test must be by RT-PCR method), issued within 72 hours before departure

  4. Copy of your insurance policy which covers COVID and no less than 100,000 USD medical coverage

  5. Copy of your Confirmed booking at an ASQ hotel. The quarantine period is 14 days regardless of you vaccination history. For the list of ASQ booking, please click

  6. T.8 form

  7. Travel declaration form (for England as per the UK government's travel restriction) 

  8. Download "ThailandPlus" Application    (FAQ on ThailandPlus Application)

  9. Declaration form (for Thailand)

This information has come directly from the Thai Embassy in London, UK (in June 2021) so checked for accuracy and I have followed the steps to secure my own visa (STV Special Tourist Visa). 

If you are not from the UK, still follow these steps for applying for your VISA and COE but the postage for your passport will of course be different and they will explain it on the visa page for your country after applying and paid.