Get your Your Content Edited Right with Our Done4U Service
3 Reasons You Need this Service
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1. Ease Sit back with the knowledge your projects are getting taken care of. We edit fast and to your style (or ours, we can discuss) and we can create and add all graphics needed and even upload for you.  

2. Knowledge I have the knowledge through years or uploading content and growing channels. Don't risk making any mistakes when editing or uploading content (title and tag research) that will affect the views, subscribers and conversion. Get it right first time, every time!  

3. Cost I'm very open with my rates. I'm English and have worked in

the TV industry for years so my quality is very high. However, I am currently

based in Bangkok meaning my cost of living have drastically dropped and I

pass on those savings to you!  


The options on what you can have provided for your channel are endless, and will largely depend on where you are in your YouTube journey; whether you are just starting; have an existing channel; if you have content shot already or are looking to produce content.

Here's an idea of what a recent client got with us on a Done4U package:

Case Study


The Client:

This client came to us needing to revive their YouTube channel they already had. They were an online course creator.

The Situation: 

They had not posted consistently so views were low and needed weekly content uploaded. They had course content that we decided to re-edit for YouTube, upload and optimise with titles, thumbnails, tags, description and scheduled at the best time for their audience. They also wanted these videos repurposed for other social medias (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram) with the aim of driving traffic to their paid courses and growth across social medias with content. 

The Audit:

As part of our audit we decided to repurpose their existing course content (so they didn't have to film anymore) and to have this a tease into what someone purchasing the full course would get. We would add CTA graphics to purchase the full course and drive traffic to thr links in description for sales and to have viewers enter their funnel.  

The Package:

For their weekly package they receive:

3 x videos per week, 8-15 minutes (flexible) for YouTube

3 x Facebook videos (1080/1080 format)

3 x site content (we can extract the text from what is said in the video directly and send to you to repurpose as a blog post)

Monthly report on growth and plan. 


We also created all screen graphics for the YouTube videos (subscribe interruption on screen, rolling FB and site graphics, cut away to screen records when mentioned and end screen graphic) as well as new designed channel art.

Price $300:

This content takes one full day to edit and deliver everything. A day rate is usually $500. However, due to my personal situation having relocated to South East Asia, I can pass my personal cost of living savings on to my clients and the cost is now just $300 for a full days edit and delivery. 

I only have a limited number of days available in my calendar and since I released this programme I have become overwhelmed with enquiries. If you'd like to discuss the Done4U service and take advantage of this amazing price contact me ASAP.  

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