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Become an Affiliate Today! 

40% Commission across all Products (recurring subscription billing, single purchases & order bumps) + 90 days Cookie 

The YouTube Academy is an online school with a collection of 5 courses all catered towards teaching about YouTube from channel creation, trends, earning money, video editing and more

Please find all details about our online school/courses and offers below.


All creative assets you should need can be downloaded from this site (access granted once approved).


This affiliate program used the teachable platform which is very simple to use - a step by step of how to do this is listed below.

If you'd like to take part in this affiliate program please enter your details in this form and I will get back to you usually within 24 hours.


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How to Join & Use

how tojoin and use teachable
Fill out the form above to be accepted on to the programe.
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Details about this program

About The YouTube Academy & Offers

Details About the School/Products

The YouTube Academy is a collection of 5 Courses all about YouTube creation and growth. Students able to purchase individual courses at $20 or an access all courses subscription for $12.99 per month.


The 5 individual courses are:

1) YouTube Academy 2022: Complete Beginner to Pro Step-by-Step - Best selling course about starting YouTube, setting up a channel and what's needed to succeed on YouTube

2) How To Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast in 2022! Step-by-Step - See inside my analytics as this year I grew a channel, monetized in 19 days and see exactly what I did to grow so you can too. We make a calendar plan, see the different videos that got more views and look deep into my analytics - what really worked and why?

3) How to VLOG 2022 : Complete Beginners Course +YouTube - Let's actually go out and film a vlog! How do I plan these, how to I film when i'm out to make sure I create an engaging vlog thinking about different camera angles, cutting quickly enough between shots to be engaging and then editing this.

4) Learn to Edit Video FAST! Adobe Premiere Pro 2022 StepByStep - Learn step-by-step how to edit FAST! Covering all the basics from beginner to pro including transitions, green screen, text & titles and lots more

5) Create YouTube Thumbnails in Photoshop and Free Online Site - Learn how to make thumbnails that get clicks. The thumbnail is the most important part of your journey - if no one clicks, no one sees the video. learn with Photoshop and on a free online site... I show you how


Each course is around 40 video lectures long, around 4-5.5hours total and some with accompanying downloadable resourses such as files to edit with or "cheat-sheets" for planning your channel. 


The school is a one-stop-shop for everything you could need to know about YouTube; from how it works, seeing analytics of a channel and how we grew, making video, thumbnails, how to get more views, higher retention... it's all here.


Right now, I have just launched the bundle (access to all 5 courses) exclusive to teachable for a $12.99 monthly subscription to sign-ups with their first month free. This is where I'd like to invite affiliates; I think this model is the most attractive for marketeers (although you can promote individual course sales, your commission will be across all products).  


Details About Course Creator/Instructor

Course Reception so far

I am the course creator and instructor, Dan. I have grown YouTube channels myself and worked for many companies editing and growing their channels. So many courses out there are created by instructors that don't have an active YouTube channel. I share my real-world analytics in these courses, show what made the videos and channels grow and how much money I made and what is possible through sharing these insider analytics. 

The first course (YouTube Academy 2022: Complete Beginner to Pro Step-by-Step) has been available on Udemy for 18 months and has attracted over 85,000 students. Off the back of this success I have launched the other 4 courses in 2022 and the combined student enrollment across all courses on just one platform is 106,394 (August 2022). 

This has been with no marketing by myself, all Udemy organic traffic and a small % of affiliates through Udemy (Udemy do not offer this bundle package, only individual course purchases). 

From Udemy Analytics: 

udemy conversion.png

Why YouTube Courses are Big Right Now

Several big publications have run reports recently that as many at 75% of children aged between 6-17 years want to be a YouTuber. 

Every year with the platform growing and the younger audiences not changing their habits from watching online YouTube content, the number of those seeking to become a YouTuber or more companies setting up studios specifically for YouTube is increasing.


Therefore, knowledge about the platform (especially from those who have worked directly with YouTube and can show that as our courses do) is going to increase dramatically over the next months/years. 

Product Details

There are 3 x Products

Subscription Bundle:

Full access to all 5 YouTube & Editing courses, $12.99 (USD) per month billing; first month free (payment details added to claim free 1 month trial). Affiliate payout every billed month for user lifetime at % agreed. All payments are directly from teachable and automatic.

The 5 included courses in this subscription bundle are detailed in the above section.

Commission 40% and cookie period 90 days.

Individual Courses:

Students are able to purchase a single individual course for a one off payment of $20. All payments are directly from teachable and automatic.

Commission 40% and cookie period 90 days.

1-on-1 Consultation

One-on-one, one-hour consultation about your YouTube channel with me. Students are able to book a meeting to talk about their channel/plans. This is offered as an order bump on the checkout page of every product. 

Commission 40% and cookie period 90 days.

Affiliate Creative Assets

Creative & Marketing Assets

After being accepted on to the program I will share access to the asset page where you can download course images, videos, banners, facebook ads, email templates and more to aid with your campaigns.

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