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I travel & make YouTube videos... my story 

anyone can make money on YouTube

Here's a Sneak Peak from the Course  Join over 40,000 students and learn all about YouTube today!

Lecture 1 : Introduction


The Complete Guide from Beginner to Pro

The Most Up-to-date Complete Guide to Starting, Building, Branding, Filming, Growing and Making Money on YouTube

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Over 40,000 Students!

  • How to set up and grow a successful YouTube channel from scratch How to gain subscribers on YouTube quickly

  • Understand how youtube works and ranks videos so you can be seen by more

  • Set up your branding for a YouTube Channel

  • How to make money on YouTube and maximise how much you can earn

       and more....


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In 2019 I left my 9-5 job, I left my ordinary

life behind and I travelled! 

I learnt to make videos about my travels, how to make

these successful and make money on YouTube...

I make a living travelling... & what I realised was

Overview of the course and how it's structured.


Also, discover Cheatsheets which you can print and fill out or download the PDF version and fill out on your device/phone/tablet/laptop and save.


There is a print friendly version (less color) in some sections, or PDF.

By the end of the course you'll have a full pack of cheatsheets outlining your YouYube channel, brand, style and how to upload and optimise to make the best, fastest growing YouTube channel possible!

You don't have to use the cheatsheets of course, you can still take the information given and record as you wish. 

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I've seen so much of the world

and it's all thanks to YouTube

It doesn't have to be travel, maybe you just

want to be creative. 

Or maybe you just want to be in control of

your career, have a side-hustle, some

extra income or show your passion.

Whatever it is, there's a place on YouTube 


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  • Channel analysis if you already have a channel

  • Step-by-step personalised action plan to help you grow fast

  • monthly, bi-weekly or weekly zoom calls

       and more....

  • Kickoff call to understand and develop with you what you should make a channel about

  • Branding for your channel

  • Researching what to make videos about

  • Filming advice and tips

If you want to get fit, you get a personal trainer. If you want to learn another language, you get a tutor. If you want to grow and change your life with YouTube you get a YouTube coach! 

Are you ready to get serious about your YouTube channel?